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DesertGate Wireless Broadband Internet access is now available through Air Fiber technology in Las Vegas and Mora, New Mexico. Full-Duplex, Multi-frequency, MIMO technologies deliver blazing and balanced speeds that make DesertGate the fastest broadband in the area...period! Easy to use and reliable, DesertGate is Northeastern New Mexico's first and only premiere Air Fiber Internet Service Provider. With flexible packages and all local service and support Join now and find out why since 2002 we've been your # 1 choice for local Internet Service!

DesertGate Air Fiber uses secure digital frequencies to bring ultra high speed, bi-directional Internet services to homes, businesses, and hotels.


With plans starting at just $40/month you can have the fastest, most useful internet connection in San Miguel and Mora County! Faster than satellite and DSL, Digital Air Fiber is the future...

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